It’s A Hard Life Wherever You Go

-nod to Nancy Griffith-

“It’s a hard life

It’s a hard life

It’s a very hard life

It’s a hard life wherever you go

If we poison our children with hatred

Then, the hard life is all that they’ll know”

I don’t care who you are, how rich or poor you are, what your status in life is, what side of the political aisle you sit on, what altar you worship or don’t worship at….it’s a hard  fucking life 24/7, 365, from cradle to the grave.

I don’t sincerely believe that life, in all its glory and grind, is meant to be easy. We are born for hardness, so it’s inevitable.

If you are not experiencing this hard side of life now, in this season of life,  as we speak, you are lucky.

But hardness waits with full favor, fury, force, always.

Lately, I have been crying a lot with friends about their hard life circumstances. Sighhhh.

I ache, I anguish, and I suffer alongside those who feel pain, remorse, sadness.

It’s a hard life. There are no free passes.

The good news is that with hardness, for those who have eyes to see it, comes softness too.

As my friend Danny Deloach recently told me over lunch: “Not everything happens for a reason but everything happens for a season”.

Hang in there. Be patient. Light and laughter are on the way. Dawn is coming. Hope and help are right around the corner. Stay the course. Be strong. Keep positive. Never quit. Seize the day.

Life is surely hard but you don’t have to be.



Jack Hollingsworth