The rush, gush, hush, and blush of life itself

It should be pretty obvious by now, from reading my posts, that this is a mantra of mine.

It’s not just a phrase I say a lot but a phrase I live by, from the depths, every step, with all my might.

It rolls off my tongue because it’s born out of my heart: The rush, the gush, the hush, and the blush of life itself.

Oh my, just saying it out loud, I feel it in my bones.

The rush is the urgency and immediacy of life. The gush is life’s surge and overflow.

The hush is all the quiet moments in between. The blush is the beating, bleeding heart of romance and love.

Life is a beautiful mess. Enjoy the ride.

It’s somehow ironic, when I have a camera in my hand, more often than not; these worlds come together like a symphony.

After a long, taxing day of heads-down work, toward sunset, I grabbed my iPhone, albeit briefly, to hear the rush, gush, hush and blush of this sweet-sounding orchestration…yet again.



Jack Hollingsworth