In Love

Through circumstance and life experience, we find ourselves in relationships with healthy doses of commitment and obligation but unhealthy doses of love and romance. Sighhhh.

I have good news.

You can be in love, the kind of love you dream about and want, every day, wherever you are, and wherever you go, regardless of the relationships you find yourself in.

I call it artist love.

Artist love is being in love, so much with yourself and your experiences, that it bubbles and spills over, even overshadows everything else.

You love your life because you love yourself.

I’m not talking about selfish, narcissistic love, but about genuine, authentic, giving, caring, blossoming self-love.

Artist love is self-love.

You love everything and everyone because you can, because it’s in your nature to do so, because you want and have to love.

Artist love is not defined or governed by the creeds and councils of church, government, culture.

Artist love is defined and governed by you, and you alone. You set the rules for this type of love.

When you are remarkably in love with yourself, the world is a remarkable place.

It looks and feels different. It just does.

Starting today, lean into this Artist love.

Let her carry you away to worlds and emotions unknown. She awaits your courtship. She is beautiful and wonderful.



Jack Hollingsworth