Hit-The -Road-Jack

Last week, for a few days, I was in West Texas.

Here are a few snaps I, lovingly, shot along the way.

Road-tripping for me, as an iPhone photographer, is my “Do Not Disturb” time.

My car is my sanctuary. And my iPhone camera is my altar. My offerings are my beloved photographs.

“I am a hunter of light and shadow.” – Robert Frank

It’s happily odd, even fascinating, about what my creative brain values as interesting while intentionally moving from point A to point B. Click.

Road tripping is one of those sacred times, for me, where I get to concentrate on the remarkable and memorable, not just the beautiful

“It is not enough to photograph the obviously picturesque.” – Dorothea Lange

Road-tripping photography, at least to me, in its purest form, is unadulterated, untainted, unsullied moments and memories of life.

“I like photographs that are stripped of artifice.” – William Eggleston



Jack Hollingsworth