Sculpting With Sand

Monahans Sandhills State Park is a state park located in West Texas, specifically in Ward County near the city of Monahans.

The park is known for its unique and expansive sand dunes, which cover around 4,000 acres. These sand dunes are part of the larger Permian Basin and were formed by thousands of years of windblown sand.

It’s about a 5-7 hour road trip from Austin.

I spent a few hours here, last week, shooting both a sunset and sunrise, probably not much more than 3 hours total.

The cool thing about this casual shoot, in particular, was that I went “old school”.

I used 67MM, glass filters, on top of all three iPhone lenses (rear camera), using a filter adapter.

I felt, in a way, like I was living my photography life back in the 70s and 80s.

It was trippy. Click.

The built-in, default, computational adjustments that are applied to each image, come with the package.
In other words, I couldn’t toggle on or off how these iPhone lenses and sensors “see” filters and color.
But still, it was damn fun.

And I love the old-school results-again, trippy.

I used a combination of all, three iPhone lenses-Ultra-wide (0.5X), Main/Wide (1X), Telephoto (3X).

Each of these lenses “interpreted” color differently.



Jack Hollingsworth