What I Miss from the Old Days? Not much?

I’m asked often, by fans and followers, now that I shoot exclusively with iPhone cameras, what do I miss most about my SLR/ DSLR days?

Pause. Hmmmm? Let me think?

What I don’t miss are sore knees and an aching back from lugging around, on my shoulder, 75 pounds of gear that I rarely needed or used 🙂


I miss putting my eye on a viewfinder and shutting out the rest of the world.

I miss long lenses.

I miss the off-camera flash.

I missed incredibly detailed and rich file resolution.

I miss the rockstar status that comes from being a professional, working, high-profile photographer.

But I don’t miss any of it so much that I want to return to these days gone by.

Not in the least.

I am content with my journey in photography today.

Truth be told, apart from this technical and mechanical stuff, there really isn’t much I miss.

I love my iPhone cameras. They suit my autobiographical style and how I go about experiencing life and art.


In a way, I’m convinced, that every day, when I wake up and smile at the universe, I was made for this moment intime.

It just wouldn’t be the same without my beloved iPhone photography.

It’s taken me quite a while to get here but, in this very fullness of time, for me, I have come full circle and finally enjoying, in full measure, what I’ve always dreamed about living-a photographic life.

And while certainly I have, firsthand, over and over again, enjoyed the fruits, in total, of owning and operating successful Photography businesses and studios, and even several of them outside the USA,
running a photography business, even a successful one, doesn’t compare to the joy and exuberance of living a photographic life with my iPhone in hand. Period.

I and my camera are one. We are zen partners in karma, life, love, and co-existence.



Jack Hollingsworth