If you look closely enough, at commercial Portraiture today, you can clearly, but sadly, see signs of many misguided photographers trying to either “sensationalize” or “sexualize” their portrait subjects.

It’s sad and not necessary. Not at all.

In my humble opinion, what is truly sensational and sexy about each of us is, well, us-our natural selves, when we are just who we really are.

What happened to the innocent, guilt-free, playful, organic world most of us grew up in? Where did it go? I miss those days. I hear my Mom calling me for dinner?

Back to reality. My approach to Portraiture, whether male or female, young or old, corporate or lifestyle, while admittedly a bit traditional and old-fashioned you might say, is to make the people, plain and simple, that I photograph….natural and beautiful. Period.

No fuss, no muss. Click. Again. Click.

Meet Amy.

One of the things I enjoyed about photographing Amy was that she was prepared for this session (many of my subjects don’t even think about it until I ring the doorbell).

She had her clothes all neatly lined up and even sketched a few ideas, on paper, of the photographic vibe she wanted from our time together. Nice Amy.

Her preparation paid off. We nailed it, together. Click.

All of what you see here was shot in a loose, no-pressure, 90+-minute window of time, mostly outdoors, using natural light, and an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Amy is an Acting coach and consultant so she was easy to direct and, in her definite favor, she also had a strong on-camera presence.

You could see and feel it.

She had a radiant smile, from the inside, that came out all over her face and body.

I have an admitted soft spot for working moms in general and Waldorf (where my own girls went to school) moms in particular, so this session was naturally delightful.

The small amount of editing I did to these photos, all were done on the native Apple Photos app.

These shots are natural and beautiful because Amy is, through and through, natural and beautiful.



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Jack Hollingsworth