The Magic Continues

Since my popular conversion to iPhone photography, on the island of Barbados, at the Crane Resort, on February 18, 2011, I have managed, somehow, someway, to pleasantly and passionately, shoot over 1,000,000 iPhone photos, on 10 different devices in over 50 countries of the world.

During this entire stretch of time, I have never gotten over the magic of having so many of my favorite photos, available for viewing and sharing, instantly, in a matter of a few clicks. Incredible.

As a career, analog photographer, long before digital and Photoshop, I, along with my photographer colleagues in the space, had to painstakingly produce, usually at a significant cost, physical portfolios of my/our work that we schlepped around, to everyone and anyone, who would give us the time of day.

Got an assignment for us?

The whole process, as you might imagine, was tedious and laborious.

Now, in just a few taps and scrolls…viola. Instant portfolios. Hundreds of them. In high-resolution color.

These are my little darlings.

They travel with me everywhere I go.

I love them.

They remind me, at so many levels, that life is beautiful, emotional, and lyrical.

They are marvels of modern technology and dairies of deep, personal, autobiographical, artistic expression.

What an amazing time to be alive, today, as a photographer. Pinch me.

The magic continues.



Jack Hollingsworth