Hi, I'm Jack Hollingsworth
an iPhone photographer

Leading, Worldwide, Authority on iPhone Photography for clients in the Travel, Leisure, Hospitality, and Tourism industry. Creating stories you won’t believe, of faces, places, and spaces, you’ll never forget.

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About Jack

In the dynamic world of photography, I’ve championed a traditional approach to iPhone photography for over twelve years. With an unwavering commitment to the craft, I’ve captured the essence of life across fifty countries, amassing a portfolio of over a million iPhone photos.

My success stems from a dedication to photography’s core principles: light, color, design, and more. Amidst trends and editing apps, I prioritize authenticity, ensuring my photos reflect real-life experiences.

As a teacher and influencer, I’ve empowered countless photographers to explore the iPhone’s artistic possibilities. I’ve shared insights through workshops, online courses, and more, fostering a community of passionate iPhone photographers.

My journey embodies the transformative power of iPhone photography, and I’m proud to have paved the way for professionals embracing this medium. Let’s celebrate the luminaries who have shaped this space and continue to inspire the next generation of iPhone photographers.

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