Put Me In, Coach: A Photographer’s Anthem

As a photographer, I’ve come to realize that our journey mirrors that of the determined young football player chanting, “Put me in, Coach!” Growing up in the shadows of my family’s legacy in sports, I learned the value of initiative, drive, and self-belief. But it wasn’t until I picked up a camera that I truly understood how these principles could translate into the world of photography.

Much like those eager athletes, we photographers often find ourselves on the sidelines, waiting for our chance to shine. We may lack experience or recognition, but what we have in abundance is passion and vision. We see the world through a unique lens, capturing moments that others may overlook. And just like those athletes, we know deep down that we have what it takes to make a difference.

The phrase “Put me in, Coach!” embodies the spirit of initiative. It’s about stepping forward, raising your hand, and saying, “I’m ready.” As photographers, we must seize every opportunity to showcase our talents, whether it’s volunteering for a local event, pitching ideas to potential clients, or simply sharing our work online. We must be willing to take risks and put ourselves out there, even when it feels uncomfortable or uncertain.

But initiative alone is not enough. We must also possess the drive to push ourselves further, to constantly strive for improvement. Just like those athletes who push themselves to their limits in training, we must be willing to experiment, learn from our mistakes, and never settle for mediocrity. It’s this relentless pursuit of excellence that sets us apart and propels us toward success.

And perhaps most importantly, we must believe in ourselves, even when others doubt us. Just as those young football players must trust in their abilities, we must have faith in our vision and our talents. We may face rejection and criticism along the way, but we must never let it diminish our confidence or deter us from our goals. For it’s often those who dare to dream and believe in themselves against all odds who ultimately achieve greatness.

So, to my fellow photographers, I say this: embrace the spirit of “Put me in, Coach!” Seize every opportunity, push yourself to new heights, and never doubt the power of your own vision. Believe in yourself, even when others don’t see what you know. For it’s through our initiative, drive, and unwavering self-belief that we will make our mark on the world of photography. So go ahead, put yourself in, Coach. The game is yours to win.



Jack Hollingsworth