It Ain’t Much

According to the U.S. Census Bureau International Database (IDB), the world population reached 8 billion on September 26, 2023. Total photos taken In 2023, there were approximately 1.8 trillion photos taken worldwide.

So, dividing 1.8 trillion by 8 billion gives 225.

In other words, based on averages, every person on the planet, annually shoots, roughly, 225 photos per year-some way more, some way less, of course.

Let’s say, for purposes of this conversation, that the average shutter speed, for each of 225 photos was 1/60 second.
Here’s the shocker.

So, on average, each person annually invested approximately 3.75 seconds (225 X 1/60sec) in pushing the shutter. WTF?

You heard me right-3.75 seconds!!!!!!!

It ain’t much.

Let’s further muse that for each of these 225 photos, annually, taken, the snapper invested an additional 1 minute in thinking about and prepping for each photograph.

Convert 225 minutes to hours and you get 3.75 hours. WTF, again.

In other words, across this great Planet, the average snapper invests 3.75 hours in the raw act of photography, annually.

It ain’t much.

I couldn’t help but curiously think of the same imbalanced corollary in the sex-to-orgasm ratio.

Let’s say that the average person has sex, with a partner, once a week (high average), 52 weeks a year.

(Note: for someone like me, I would, sadly, skew these stats down:))

So, if we multiply the average frequency of sex by the average lifespan:

52 times/year times 75 years = 3,900 times over a person’s lifespan

Here’s what the sex therapists tell us…

Average foreplay-10 minutes
Male orgasm-5-10 second
Female orgasm-10-30 seconds
On average, again….over a lifetime (3900 sexual experiences).

• time in foreplay (650 hours)
• time in male orgasm (5-10 hours)
• time in female orgasm (10-32 hours)

It ain’t much.

In both photography and life, it ain’t much for the gush, rush, and blush we get from each:)




Jack Hollingsworth