Your True Self

For most of us, when we hit adolescence, we manage, here and there, to get a glimpse of our true selves.

It was, even if for a brief moment, a beautiful thing. Nice to finally meet you Jack.

Of course, this experience was, more often than not, short-lived and, sadly and naively, stifled by parents, siblings, classmates, friends, and everyone else in the universe, who wanted us to be, not who we were, but who they wanted us to be or even thought we should be? Damn!

“Your true self is hidden behind the masks you wear to please others. To find it, you must be brave enough to remove them and reveal your vulnerability.”

Then, for many of us, we went to college and the story continued.

Less true self, more masquerades and disguises.

After college, we got married and settled down and began to wonder if there even was a “true self” underneath the complicated and complex layers of denial, redirection, fabrication, myth, and legend in our everyday life, loves, and learning.

“Your true self is not something you can find, but something you can create. It is the expression of your authentic values, passions, and talents.”

Who were we? Who are we? What is our purpose on this earth?

Why are we here?

It wasn’t until later in life that I discovered my own, true self.

“The journey to your true self is not a straight line, but a spiral of discovery and transformation.”

When you begin to find, appreciate, and understand your true self, you enjoy a deep-down peace that passes understanding.

When you become you, and not just an imitation or faint version of yourself, you morph from happiness to joy
“Your true self is the source of your inner peace and happiness. To find it, you must quiet your mind and listen to your heart.”

The hell with working so hard trying to be someone other than your true self.

It’s not worth the time, focus, or energy.

The only thing that matters is discovering your true self.



Jack Hollingsworth