Turning The Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Given all the high-tech punch, packed into flagship smartphone cameras these days, almost anyone, with little-to-know skill, can take a decent photo.

Point. Click. Viola.

But to turn snapshots into photographs, the ordinary into extraordinary…that takes talent.

You can’t purchase creativity. Buying an iPhone camera doesn’t automatically make you an iPhone photographer. It makes you just another iPhone camera owner. Sorry.

When I am admiring the photography of others, I’m most turned on by seeing how they make uncommon objects and subjects into uncommon photographs. It’s a beautiful thing.

To make a good-to-great photograph, at any skill level, it takes the ability to first “see” the scene, then craft it with color, light and design.

When someone asks what I do, I tell them, with a smirk, “I turn ordinary subjects and objects into extraordinary moments, memories, and photographs”.

Photography is more than just capturing images. It is a way of expressing yourself, telling stories, and creating art. Photography is also a challenge, a puzzle, and a game. How do you make something ordinary look extraordinary? How do you transform a mundane scene into a captivating one? How do you make your photos stand out from the rest?

I have been a photographer for over 45 years, and I still enjoy finding new ways to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. I love to explore different genres, techniques, and perspectives. I love to experiment with light, color, and composition. I love to surprise myself and my viewers with unexpected results.

But the most important thing is to find your own voice, your own style, and your own way of turning the ordinary into extraordinary. You don’t have to copy anyone else, you just have to be yourself. You don’t have to have expensive gear, you just have to use what you have. You don’t have to travel far, you just have to look around.

You can turn the ordinary into extraordinary



Jack Hollingsworth