My Life as a Flowering Plant

I woke up this morning, in awe, totally inspired, thinking about how, gloriously and fortuitously, my life, fueled and fertilized by a combination of chance, good fortune, and destiny, has mimicked and mirrored a flowering plant. Thank you universe.

I have always loved photography, ever since owning my first SLR back in 1975. Photography, as it has turned out, is more than just a pastime or a profession for me. It is a way of expressing myself, of capturing the beauty and the meaning of life. It is also a way of learning and growing, of exploring new perspectives and possibilities. Photography is my passion and my vision.

My life as a photographer can be compared to a flowering plant. A flowering plant is a living organism that grows and changes with every season. It starts as a seed, then sprouts roots, then develops stems and leaves, then produces flowers and fruits. A flowering plant is also a living art, that displays its colors and shapes, its fragrance and flavor, its essence and delight.

My life as a photographer has followed a similar pattern. I started as a seed, nurtured by the love and support of my family and friends in Reading and South Yarmouth, MA. They gave me the foundation confidence and gentle push to pursue my dreams and goals.

I sprouted roots in the fields of Theology and Instructional Design, where I studied for many years. These fields taught me how to think critically and creatively, how to analyze and synthesize information, how to communicate and collaborate effectively. They also taught me how to appreciate the diversity and complexity of the world, how to question and challenge assumptions, how to seek and discover truth.

I developed stems and leaves in the garden of creativity, commerce, marketing, and photography, where I worked as an Executive Creative Director of my own agency for the 80s. This was a time of innovation and experimentation, of expressing my skills and talents, of serving my clients and satisfying their needs. This was also a time of challenge and competition, of adapting to changing markets and technologies, of managing resources and risks.

I produced flowers and fruits on the island of Barbados, where I traveled in February 2011 with my iPhone in hand. This was a turning point in my life as a photographer. I discovered the true potential of iPhone photography, which allowed me to capture the beauty of the island with its colors and textures, its culture and history, its people and nature. I also discovered my true potential as an artist, which allowed me to transform my images into poems, lyrics, fine art photography. I shared my creations with the world through social media and online platforms, hoping to inspire others with my passion and vision. I received appreciation and admiration from many people who liked and commented on my work.

My life as a photographer is still ongoing. I am still growing and changing with every season. I am still learning and exploring new horizons. I am still creating and sharing new art. I am still passionate and visionary.

My life as a photographer is like a flowering plant. A living organism that grows and changes with every season. A living art that displays its colors and shapes, its fragrance and flavor, its essence and delight.



Jack Hollingsworth