There is No Beast in Beauty

Every single day of your life, if you let it be if you own it and celebrate it as such, is a beautiful day.

We flirt with the concept of beauty, as all human beings have, since the beginning of time.

Beauty has the innate power to spawn and spin inspiration, aspiration, exultation, passion.

Today, in Austin, was especially beautiful.

And I was feeling especially beautiful.

I was happy to be alive. Happy to call this very fulness of times, my home, my place in the world, my destiny.

Beauty, from the moment I got up, greeted me with open arms.

And she was…so, so beautiful.

The painterly first-light on the Austin skyline was beautiful. The crystal clear air quality was beautiful. The smell of my first cup of coffee was beautiful. The kick from my garlic chili sauce, on my breakfast, vine-ripe tomatoes, and hard-boiled eggs, was beautiful. An intimate text from a close friend was beautiful. My morning bike ride around the lake was beautiful. Work was beautiful. My top-off, in the sun, patio-nap was beautiful. The quietness was beautiful The last sliver of light on my favorite, the local Buddhist temple was beautiful. A Lone-Star beer, with lime and salt, chased by a dozen fresh shrimp and cocktail sauces, was beautiful. Life today, and every day, is beautiful

There are plenty of metaphorical beasts all around us.

They lie in wait to ravage, ransack and ruin our power of observation to see the simple, the lyrical, the beautiful. But don’t give these beasts jurisdiction or domination. You have the power not to concede.

Celebrate the beauty, wherever, whenever, whoever, however.

True beauty, in all its manifest glory, is so much more mighty and monumental, than the beasts that cowardly, but intently, attempt to undermine, our emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Beauty is different for each and every one of us. What you might see as beautiful, in this world, I may see as banal. And vice versa.

Beauty is the quality, or, more often and importantly, the aggregate of qualities, in a person or thing or experience, that gives pleasure to our senses.

Underscore that-pleasure to our senses. Ahhhhh. Feel it?

Beauty, when recognized, adopted, and celebrated, electrifies our senses and sensations.

Beauty gives birth to a whole new dimension of observation and appreciation.

I feel so fortunate to be a photographer. It’s like, I, and many just like me, have an extra sense to discern, discover and detect the beauty in life, as it confronts and caresses us at every crease, crack, and crevice.

We see beauty in light, color, form, design, texture, shadow, shape.

It’s marvelous, unique, special, spectacular.

I see beauty because I feel beauty.

I feel beautiful because I see beauty.

It’s the beautiful circle of life.

The philosopher, Confucius said of beauty: “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.”

Life is beautiful. We are beautiful. You are beautiful. Our experience in this world is beautiful.

There is no Beast in Beauty



Jack Hollingsworth