Yesterday, I was sporting an orange t-shirt. The 50-something woman, super cute and super outgoing, in front of me, at the grocery store, had on orange corduroy pants. I noticed her orange pants immediately. They looked so bad-ass on her. Wow.

Of course, I commented ?

While waiting in line, for check-out, we happily shared our passion for all-things-orange.

It was our short, but gratifying, Vitamin-C moment of the day.

I love orange. That’s no surprise at all since orange is a blended mix of two other favorite colors of mine-red and yellow.

I definitely live, emotionally and aesthetically, on the “warm” side of the color spectrum.

I see “warm” colors way more often and way more intensely than “cool” colors. It’s just the way I’m wired.

Like all colors, on the color wheel, orange has a positive and negative vibe to it. On the positive side, orange is associated with warmth, joy, creativity, enthusiasm, freedom, expression, change, determination, balance-all the things I hold near and dear.

The common negative associations of the color orange include crassness, rudeness, arrogance. disagreeableness.

You either love the color orange or you hate it.

It’s also a hard color to wear for most.

Orange is stimulating and vibrant. It carries less aggression and passion than the color red and combines the happy and calming influence of yellow.

I read a color-analyst talk about how the color orange promotes general wellness and emotional energy, and how, oftentimes, it helps a person recover from disappointment, a wounded heart, or a blow to one’s pride.

Orange will always get attention.

Orange tends to be linked to summer and heat. But it’s also the main color of harvest and autumn.

Orange is also good at stimulating appetite.



Jack Hollingsworth