There Is A Season For Everything

For the past, going on 2 years now, I have happily lived with Shannon, as contented roommates, in the outskirts of Austin, in a single-story, 2 bedroom, big-yard, ranch house, close to where our girls attended the Austin Waldorf School.

It’s been quiet and private.

I wouldn’t say that “country living” is my cup of tea, especially compared to 4 previous years of 2-story, loft, artist living in Eastside Austin, but the experience has, nonetheless, and without the slightest complaint, been great and relaxing and rewarding.

Part of the great outdoors experience, for both of us, has involved feeding, twice a day, a small tribe of White-Tail deer, mostly a rag-tag collection of mamas, babies, and growing adolescents. We even have names for them:)
Don’t hate me for feeding wild animals. They are nature’s pets:)

No clean-up. No hair on the couch. No trips to the vet. No fucking smell. No bad breath. No pet care when traveling. Zippo. Nada.

It’s mating season in Austin. So, for the second time, I’m seeing a handful of bucks (male) show up, playing the same cat-and-mouse mating games that humans seem to play.

Let’s fuck.

(As an appropriate aside, have you ever read “Sex at Dawn”-A controversial, idea-driven book that challenges everything you (think you) know about sex, monogamy, marriage, and family. It’s a riveting piece of writing. Read at your own risk.)

My office window, from where I sit and type each morning, faces this intriguing and somewhat comical, white-tail, tap-dance of romance and backyard lust.

There is a season for everything-even sex.


This very “she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not-vibe” got me thinking about how, even in photography, there are seasons for everything.

Sometimes, like our deer friends, we are on the version of an uncontrollable but blissful explosion.

Other times, we are most content in our indifference.

We seem to find our way through these seasons of life. It’s natural and normal.

Photographically, on any given day, we are on fire with energy and ideas.

The very next day, week, or month, we stagnate in a pool of dismissiveness and boredom.

Go figure.

There is a season for everything-even photography.

As one creative to another, enjoy your seasons. They are gifts. They may not seem like gifts ….but they are.

Explode when opportunity exits. And hibernate when casual trumps intentional.

Happy mating and happy clicking.



Jack Hollingsworth