Heart Pound

I’m not, in the least, embarrassed or ashamed that, over a large part of my adult life, I have lived on the emotional side of life.

After all, is this not the drive, destiny, and path of most, if not all, poets, scribes, and artists all over the world.

We bleed art.

Because art grows out of the heart.

I sometimes wonder, when I’m looking at photography I love, if my heart won’t someday just give out and explode.
My heart is rarely empty, often full. Thanks to life, family, and photography.

I am full tonight as I pick these photos.

My heart pounds deeply and loudly.

Can you hear it? Feel it?


P.S. As a random aside, minus the troublesome and awkward High School days, thanks to my parents, siblings, neighbors, and classmates, I lived and enjoyed an enviable childhood. I was full then, in a different way. I am full now. My heart still pounds. I am grateful and humbled.

Jack Hollingsworth