The Places That Make Us Whole

I was briefly chatting today, online, with a photography colleague from Ireland.

He was telling me that Cape Cod, had a special place in his heart, having visited there, in his earlier years.

His memories were still strong and alive, in his heart and head. I could feel the intimacy in hs words and voice.

I get it. I get is so. My heart melts when I hear a fellow traveler, explorer and cosmic gypsy, understand the same vibes and vision that I, often, only know and experience.

My friend was an accomplished photographer so this made his comments, to me, all the more special and relevant
This is the sheer power of photography.

Simple snapshots and photographs can, literally, carry us away to different times, places and spaces.

I told my friend that someday, I wanted to show him, my Cape Cod, through my eyes.

And in return, see his Ireland, through his eyes.

As photographers, we are so wonderfully unique.

And our visions, of the faces, places and spaces we experience, are also so gloriously and wonderfully different and divergent.

Every single time I take a photo of some place I live, I love that place even more.

Because, somehow, in some way, I leave a piece of my energy and frequency in that place.

And that place, as mystical as it sounds, leaves a piece of energy and frequency in me, and indirectly, through my photographs, in you.

Tonight, in this very special fullness of time, I am sharing with you a piece of my photographic energy of my beloved Cape Cod.

And in this rudimentary sharing and connection, we connect and move toward oneness.

This is my dear energy. This is my frequency. This is my intimacy.

This is Cape Cod, my Cape Cod, through my eyes.



Jack Hollingsworth