The “Kiss” and “Caress”

When it comes to my own iPhone photography, I tend to shoot in both bursts and bulk.

In other words, since the lion-share on my mobile photography is intentional, not casual, I tend to shoot a healthy amount of any particular subject, scene, or scenario-usually in the 500-1000 range. Click.

My editing workflow, very similar to how I edited analog slides on a light table, was to let my “first pass”, sometimes hours but more often days later, be my emotional response to what I was staring at.

This editing is deep-rooted, deep-down, deeply felt, intuitive, impulsive, and instinctive.

It’s like the “Kiss” on a first date. Raw and a bit wild. Juicy too.

Once my lips have dried out, mostly weeks, sometimes even a month later, I do a final edit of my special takes from this same subject, scene, or scenario.

The purpose of this final revisitation is to take one last look at what I shot.

Unlike the spontaneous and impetuous kiss, this edit, way longer and more thoughtful, is the “Caress”-contemplative, meditative, introspective, and ruminative

Cape Cod. June 2023. #shotoniPhone (14 Pro Max)



Jack Hollingsworth