The Click And Tick

Photography doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
It’s an integrated part of life.

What makes you click and what makes you tick are inseparable.

The more you connect the dots…the greater joy in photography you’ll experience.

Every photo you have ever taken or will take, with any camera, anywhere, has been influenced, great and small, by…
• the books you read
• the movies you watched
• the places you visited
• the conversations you had
• the schools you attended
• the neighborhoods you lived in
• the jobs you worked
• the style you have
• the taste you have
• the personality you have
• the technology you use
• the philosophy you share
• the interests you have
• the children you raised
• the friends you have
• the failures you made
• the beliefs you formed
• the successes you enjoyed
• the people you loved
• the causes you supported
• the writing you scribbled
• the clothes you wear
• the language you use.
• the music you listened to
• the flowers you picked
• the food you cooked
• the parties you attended
• the walks you took
• the tears you shed
• the laughs you enjoyed



Jack Hollingsworth