When I was a proud, convinced, card-carrying, Bible-quoting, Bible-totting Christian, I believed there was a divine, certain sense of order in everything, everywhere. I mean everything

I read meaning and message into every crack and corner of my life.

Now, as a humanist (atheist), I believe just the opposite-that there is a certain sense of random, undirected, arbitrary, erratic, serendipitous and fractal sense of vision and vibe to life.

It’s just life.

But, before you are quick to judge me on this, this randomness, this non-specificity, this entropic sense of life, while non-linear and unarranged, is a beautiful and glorious thing. It is truly remarkable.

Randomness is not chaos or evil. It’s just randomness.

Shit happens. Life happens. Often without rhyme or reason.

This life, for every single wayfaring pilgrim on planet Earth, this vertical life, is a beautiful mess.
Let’s be real.

Take this random series of photos, shot quickly over 2 days, with my iPhone, with no apparent purpose or theme.

Like life, the photos are whimsical, impulsive, and certainly random. But, still, they are beautiful.

Life, for many of us, doesn’t need to be ordered.

Randomness is just fine thank you.

A random, rather than ordered purpose in life, is so less exhausting.

Be free. Be random.



Jack Hollingsworth