Something Down To A Fine Art

I am, unashamedly, and without excuse, a photographic purist.

In other words, generally speaking, I want my photographs to look like….photographs, not illustrations.

This is not at all a criticism or disapproval of fine-art apps or fine-art editing.

Not in the least. It’s just how I roll.

I think of my smartphone, less like a canvas and more like a camera.

I’m a hunter, not a farmer…a snapper, not a tapper.

That said, every now and then  I lean fully and heartily into the romance of fine-art editing.

I shot all these images, over the past 6 weeks, using the iPhone native Camera App and nothing else.

Then I processed them in an app called Waterlogue by Tinrocket.

For the final step in the process, I tweaked the color and contrast in the native Photos app. Voila!

Something Down To a Fine Art.



Jack Hollingsworth