A Day In The Life Of

It’s a crying shame that many of you, even most of you, will never experience the spell working enchantment of spending a day with your camera doing intentional photography.

It’s an absolutely glorious experience.

I mean the whole day-sunrise to sunset.

Just you, your camera  and the adulterated and welcomed company of light, color, and design.

No cares in the world other than to create, express, articulate, and communicate-all damn day long.

How can you really get to know someone or something without spending time with that someone or something?

Mystery and intimacy are only unraveled and disentangled in the presence of quality companionship. There is no other way.

I can’t even begin to tell you, how many full days, from sunrise to sunset, I have spent with my beloved and treasured camera.


There is a certain connection and chemistry that is born out of only familiarity, affinity, simplicity, informality, and most important, time spent together in the craft and science of picture taking and making.

Next time you have a day to invest in feeding your soul and awakening the artist within, pick up your camera, toggle on “do not disturb”, and get literally lost in a word of thought, inspiration, ingenuity.

Feel the very rhythms and movements of the ever-shifting patterns of light on the subjects, scenes, and scenarios you point your camera at.



Jack Hollingsworth