One of a kindness

I’m attracted to kindness in others. Super attracted actually.

Besides the traits of humility, vulnerability, authenticity, transparency… kindness tops the list in my book.

When you are kind, people notice you. They want to be around you. They listen to your wisdom.

Kindness is both a mesmerizing and magnetizing trait.

Kindness is not just an important personal trait, it is crucial and consequential, to our human-race survival.

Without kindness, and I’m talking about genuine and sincere kindness, there is only animosity, cruelty, meanness, thoughtlessness, hostility, arrogance, indifference, derision and divisiveness.

Kindness is the human quality of being friendly, thoughtful, considerate, generous, tender, sympathetic, empathetic.

My older sister Pamela Hollingsworth and my younger brother Ken Hollingsworth are kind human beings.

Anyone that has met either, would tell you exactly the same thing.

I can think of a handful more, that I would consider kind human beings, but, sadly, this list is short.

Kindness is in short supply.

Thankfully, in my family, I think we all got an initial dose of the kindness gene, if there is such a thing, from my mom and maybe her side of the family.

My dear mom was kind personified.

Kindness is warm-heartedness, helpfulness, charitableness, graciousness.

People, myself included love, being around kind people.

There is just something so unique and special and stand-out about and with kind people

Kindness seems to be one of those admirable and desirable traits, that we can’t quite put our finger on, but that we all desire more of.

Kindness is magnanimity, considerateness, humaneness.

Kindness is getting outside of ourselves and into the skin of others. To see and feel the world, not just through our own myopic sensibilities and sensitivities, but through the vision and veins of others.

Kindness is an unbelievable asset to perception and photography.

Because, when we have it, we are able to identify with the friendliness, neighborliness, amiability, hospitality of and with others.

Uniqueness and kindness, in life and in photography, combined, is “one of a kindness”.

Thank you, Mom, for modeling kindness to us and the world.

You have left a trail of kindness in the wake of your remembrances. We will always think kindly of you.



Jack Hollingsworth