Hibernation vs Hypernation

Winter is coming

I feel it in my bones. More to the point, I feel it in my artist spirit and soul.

For many animals, winter represents dormancy and conservation.

It’s the season of hibernation.

For many poet types, like myself, winter represents aliveness and experimentation.

It’s the season of hypernation.

Winter isn’t necessarily my favorite season of the year but it is, unquestionably, my most productive and performative.

It’s not even officially winter yet and i”m knee-deep in working on my next two online courses, writing a book, rebranding my business, remodeling my studio, catching up on editing from months of hyper-focused capture.

There is just something about this season, with the short days, beautiful light, calming vibe, that, instead of making me restorative and relaxed, makes me inventive, vigorous, energetic, gainful.

Unlike many, my winters are hyper-focused.

And my feelings are hyper-alive.

I might shoot way less, during the winter months, but I sure don’t obsess over photography any less.

Another interesting and peculiar note I’ve taken about my winter customs and conventions is that it also seems to be the season of romance for me too. Hmmmm?

Here we go again. Photography and intimacy. Hmmm again.

So if you are looking to get to know me, and share a talk, a drink, a hug, a kiss, a shag…I’m available, November-March:)

A lot of my winter feel-goods and remembrances come from my treasured childhood in Reading-ice skating, hockey, skiing, tobogganing, making igloos, “mushing” on the back of car and truck fenders, blizzard walks with my Dad, hot chocolate with my Mom.

For many, winter feels like the end of the world.

For me, and I’m not sure exactly why just yet why, it’s a time of reflection, production, creation, romance, saying goodbye to the old, hello to the new.

In my world, during winter, creativity doesn’t hibernate, it hypernates.



Jack Hollingsworth