“Negotiating time and space”

Today, I was listening to a riveting and inspiring podcast, in the car, on the first 300 years of Christianity- Christ to Constantine. Wow.

I think I am a man, born out of time.

The guest, a bona-fide New Testament scholar and linguistic expert, was talking about how, in fact, all New Testament authors, in their own, unique, special ways, through their text, some fiction, some fact, were “negotiating time and space” with the audience they wrote to.

I’ve always loved this phrase-“negotiating time and space”. It’s lyrical and poetic. Words to live by.

Time is negotiable. Space is negotiable. Life is negotiable.

The only things, really, that are non-negotiable, are birth and death, cradle and grave.

Negotiating time and space can have positive or negative effects on one’s well-being, satisfaction, and performance, depending on how one manages the challenges and opportunities presented by life, to each and every one of us. Therefore, negotiating time and space is not just a passive or automatic process of living, but an active and intentional one of making choices and compromises that affect one’s quality of life.

Tie this concept into this quote from British art critic, novelist, painter and poet, John Berger, in his book “Another Way of Telling”- “What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are time and light.”

Time. Space. And light.

Raw materials for ticking and clicking.

Raw materials for negotiating.

Breathing in the air of life, exhaling the troubles of the night
Carrying on with grace and grit, despite the wounds and scars that split
Finding a way to rise and shine, even when the clouds align
Holding on to hope and faith, no matter what the world may say
Keeping the flame of love alive, through the storms and the strife
Moving forward with a smile, making every step worthwhile
Navigating the twists and turns, learning from the mistakes and burns
Overcoming the odds and fears, growing stronger with the years
Pursuing the dreams and goals, nourishing the soul and the whole
Reaching for the stars and beyond, creating a lasting bond



Jack Hollingsworth