Being You

We are all amazing beings, with complex, complicated, and unique bodies and brains. We are all living in a fascinating world, with diverse, dynamic, and unique experiences and challenges. We are all creative artists, with powerful, expressive, and unique photographic visions and voices.

Why then do we often try to copy others, to follow trends, to fit in? Why do we limit ourselves, doubt ourselves, and compare ourselves? Why do we forget our own uniqueness, our own value, our own potential?

Maybe this is the perfect time to stop imitating and start inventing. To stop looking at what others are doing and start doing what we love. To stop worrying about what others think and start sharing what we feel. To stop conforming to standards and start setting our own.

Photographically, just be you. It’s enough. Trust me. You have something to say, something to show, something to contribute. You have a unique perspective, a unique style, and a unique story. You have a unique gift that only you can give to the world.

So go ahead and be yourself. Be bold, be brave, be original. Be authentic, be honest, and be passionate. Be curious, be playful, be adventurous. Be you. The world needs your uniqueness.



Jack Hollingsworth