Dallas-Shannon was born and raised here. My two girls were born here (note, my youngest, Audrey, was born at the Hampton Inn in Richardson, room 123). I began my photography career here. I attended Seminary here. My in-laws, Rachel and Alvis, whom I adored, lived here until their dying days ( cheers to 509). Some of our best family friends in the world live here. My Dallas Cowboys live here. Shannon and I began our married life here. My family (Shannon’s side) still lives here. We owned a house here.

Dallas will never be forgotten. Ever. I love her still.

Coombs Bridge. West Village. DeSoto.

Weeks ago, I attended a Family wedding. Before the wedding, I snuck out to shoot a few downtown photographs, to revel in the memories of my Dallas experience.



Gush and rush.

It’s funny what comes out of your camera when your true heart is involved?
We are a complicated mix of emotions and experiences.

I love you, Dallas.



Jack Hollingsworth