Being In The Trust Of Another

You have already met Sherilyn Milch – a good friend and one of my favorite Austin models.

Our photographic relationship is based on, pure and simple, trust.

I trust her to give me what I want and need in our sessions together.

In return, she trusts that I will give her the same. Click.

In the world of staged, permission-based portraiture captured solely through my trusty iPhone, one pivotal element stands above all: trust. It’s the unseen force that weaves through the fabric of each image, creating a tapestry of authenticity and emotion in every portrait I capture.

At the heart of my process lies the understanding that trust forms the cornerstone of a captivating portrait. Every staged photoshoot is a collaborative endeavor, where the subject and I embark on a journey built upon mutual respect and confidence.

The iPhone, with its unassuming presence, becomes the conduit through which this trust blooms.

The significance of trust becomes most apparent in the natural, unfiltered expressions that grace my photographs.

When a subject feels comfortable and trusts the process, their guard comes down, allowing their true self to shine through. This authenticity is a treasure trove for any portrait photographer, and it’s in these moments of vulnerability that the iPhone becomes an instrument for capturing the raw, unscripted beauty of the human spirit.

Trust fosters an openness to direction and experimentation. With permission-based portraiture, subjects willingly engage in the creative process, embracing various poses and expressions. Their trust in my guidance allows for a fluid exchange of ideas, resulting in a series of dynamic and diverse shots that authentically portray different facets of their personality.

It’s in the vulnerability, sparked by trust, that true connections are forged. Building rapport is an art form in itself, one that the iPhone seamlessly supports. Its unobtrusive nature allows for a more intimate setting, fostering a deeper connection between the subject and me. This connection transcends the boundaries of the lens, enabling me to capture not just an image but the essence of the individual in front of me.

The comfort and confidence that trust instills within the subject play a pivotal role in the success of staged portraits. The iPhone’s unassuming presence aids in creating a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging subjects to be themselves. With trust comes the freedom for them to be present in the moment, allowing me to immortalize genuine emotions and personalities, unencumbered by self-consciousness or hesitation.

In my world of staged, permission-based portraiture, the iPhone isn’t just a tool; it’s a catalyst for fostering trust and authenticity. It enables a process where trust intertwines with creativity, resulting in images that go beyond the surface—a visual narrative of connection, emotion, and the beauty found within trust itself.

Ultimately, the art of capturing staged portraits with an iPhone thrives on the foundation of trust. It’s this trust that breathes life into each image, transforming pixels into poignant stories that resonate with the viewer’s soul.



Jack Hollingsworth