A Photographic Centenarian

As I honestly look, often closely and critically, at my own iPhone photography work, every single image that I took, anywhere, at any point in my journey, added a thin level of visual “thickness” to my photographic sensibilities and sensitivities.

In other words, the more photographs I’ve made, over time and space, the deeper and richer my visual constitution has become.
I hate, even fear, what my life would look and feel like, without photographs. Ughhhh.

I am, today, who I am, in large part, and without apologies, because of the massive amounts of photographs I have taken and accumulated, from all over the world, one frame at a time.

The amazing core of this journey, as I fondly look back, keeps being this visual “thickness” that I have, not surprisingly, developed over time.

Photography, as a science, is so practically simple-the more you shoot, the better you get.

Photography, as an art form, is equally and wondrously simple-the more you shoot, the thicker your emotional resonancy becomes.

I am just a humble, ordinary, 70-year-old human being.

But, humility aside, I carry in this frame, mind, and spirit, the “thickness” of a Centenarian.



Jack Hollingsworth