It’s peculiar, in my world anyway, how the changing of the seasons, touches your head and heart space, in all the right places and all the right spaces.

You feel it. I know you do. I feel it too. It’s a beautiful thing. Mysterious too.

It’s just a simple part of our collective orbiting around the Sun.

Maybe it’s the weather? Bloom? Blue skies? Fluffy clouds? The scent of nature? The contact of the wind on your skin? The potential of new romance and relationships? New hope for business and career? A new good book? New attitude? New freedom?

New house? New apartment? New job? New clothes? New vacation plans? New health regimen? New and interesting somethings on the horizon?

Time to clean out the old and sweep in the new.

For me, a traditional photographer, who shoots with a non-traditional camera, Spring means only one thing-more light, more color, more subject, and more opportunities for design within reach.

In the beginning months of Spring, I find it so hard to be tethered to my desk and desktop. Let me out of here!
I want to be out and about, with camera in hand,…exploring, wandering, wondering, wishing, wanting…

Most of the time, I give into these pulls, prompts, and pushes and ignore, unfortunately, what I know I should be doing, and head, instead, for the great outdoors. Ahhhhh. Click.

It may sound odd but, beginning in the Spring, I take on more agrarian rhythms and routines.

In others words, because of my photography habits, I tend to rise and retire with the same Arcadian rhythms as a farmer might.

I’m always been a morning person, never an evening person.

By 9.00pm…I’m out and gone. But up at the crack of dawn, ready to go and get after it.

I was driving back, today, from Fredricksburg, on a short photographic feeding frenzy.

I swear, in the quietness of the car ride home, after enjoying my camera time, I could, literally, hear, out loud, my heartbeat.
Spring has sprung. I feel it. It’s so powerful and good. I’m glad to be alive. I know you are too.
I’m thinking that, for all of us, the next 2-3 months, are going to be pregnant with possibilities?

Keep your eyes wide open and your ticking heart…pulsating strongly, with manifestations of luminescence, everywhere you go and with everyone your meet.

Just maybe, new life, and light, are right around the corner for you. I really hope so.

New life? New love? News sense of laughter? New longing? New hungering and thirsting.

We are born, we live, and we die.

Make this Spring, these months, these days, and these moments, the best one of your life.

Lean into both the safety and serendipity of all that comes your way.

Spring has sprung.