Folks see a lot of my iPhone food photography and think or say, “Damn dude, you eat like a freakin’ king”
Not!-although I do eat pretty well:)

I do a decent amount of cooking, with Shannon, at home, but for the most part, I would say my cooking and dining experiences are pretty average, maybe above average?

The photos you tend to see on this feed are typically commercial food shots I did for a client over the course of a 1-2 day shoot.

And since my commercial specialty, even with my iPhone interests, remains to be…Travel, Leisure, Tourism, and Hospitality, I shoot a fair a fair amount of yummy food.


Most of my location food shots are self-directed and done very quickly.

The photos, for the most part, are used by clients for social media content.

BTW, I’m a pretty committed pescatarian so I have a special affinity to fish-eating and photographing it.

Today, I we re-editng some client work for the Salamander DC property.

I noticed how many food shots I took over a couple of days- a lot!!!!

I love photographing food. It’s the next best thing to eating it.

The iPhone, as a camera, is an amazing tool for capturing mouth-watering edibles and beverages.

I never photograph, even food, to make people jealous of what I’m eating. I photograph food to celebrate light and life.

Food is art and food is yummie.




Jack Hollingsworth