“You Had A Very Strong Vibe Today”

I was coming back, from a commercial portrait shot, and happened to be in the neighborhood of a long-time, close, lady friend of mine.

I saw her car in the driveway, so I shortly stopped, to say hello, get a hug, and exchange words and emotions. I was in the mood for a connection.

We chitchatted, in the yard, like we always do.

She, exactly like me, thinks deeply about life and love, so it’s easy and comfortable to connect with her, at this level, at a moment’s notice. These kinds of friends are rare.

She is vulnerable, transparent, intuitive, even eerily clairvoyant.

When I got home, there was a text waiting for me, “Jack, whether you know or felt it or not, you had a very strong vibe today”, she said, with a smiley face.

“Strong vibe”, I thought quietly to myself, “Really, what kind of vibe?”

Reading in between the lines, I think what she meant was, that I had a strong ”available vibe”.

In my world, this is my “heart” vibe side of me.

Maybe she misunderstood my vibe? Maybe the heart and art vibes are flip sides of the same coin, with one superseding the other, based on the needs and wants of the interpreter, not the sender?

Like I have told you, on more than a few occasions, I’m a personality extravert, but a romantic introvert.

Here’s the deal. I’m crazy comfortable with the “art” vibe of the life-the-click part.

You already know this about me.

It’s the never-ending, full-throttle, authentic signal I send out to the world. And it’s also the tribe I attract artists to.

But the “heart” vibe thing, the tick part, I suck at it. I send out mixed signals I guess.

I’m not always even aware of the signals, in this part of my life, that I’m sending out? Shit. Duhhh. I so need to improve.

Photography is so much easier and simpler to understand than human emotions and relationships.

Which is probably why I spend so much time in photography’s presence?

Anyway, pontifications aside, on a positive note, the conversation got me thinking about what our vibes are like, how they are born, how they grow, how they influence ourselves and others, how they take on a life of their own, how they are more representative of our true than admitted feelings?

Who the fuck knows? I certainly don’t. Do you? Explain, please?

Just maybe, when we are emotionally connected to our true core, and even only when we are connected to this core, true-to-life vibes happen?

What vibe are you broadcasting to the world today?

Do you honestly know? Is the vibe you think you are putting out and off, the same as the one others are reading and watching and sensing?

The cool thing I guess, regardless of my limited understanding or appreciation of the same, is that every one of us, as human beings, emits and transmits a vibe, to and with others, that sometimes forecasts and foretells what our heart truly reflects.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Sometimes we understand, well, what this vibe is all about.

Other times, we have no fucking clue…like today. Sighh.

Click. Tick.

Good, good, good, good vibrations (oom bop bop)

She’s giving me the excitations (excitations, oom bop bop)

I’m pickin’ up good vibrations


Jack Hollingsworth