We like what we like

You see a woman (man), randomly, on the street, and say to yourself, “Fuck, she (he) is beautiful (handsome)”

You obviously don’t typically act on these impulses but admire them from a distance.

It’s okay. It is natural and normal.

Give yourself a pass.

What attracts us to another human being is as complicated as Einstein’s Theory of Relatively.

Who knows? Seriously, who the fuck knows? We like what we like.

It’s complicated and complex.

The awesome thing about photography is there is no moral judgment on what we are attracted to.

None whatsoever.

It’s neither complicated nor complex.

We photograph what floats our boat.

We don’t ask permission. We just shoot. And enjoy!

To many, our efforts are trivial and mundane. To others, our efforts are significant and artful.

We like what we like.



Jack Hollingsworth