Cuba: Touch and Go

I don’t honestly remember any destination I have ever visited, in my 4-decade career, as a professional photographer, that has the tactility that Cuba has.

While recently visiting her border and boundaries, I wanted to touch, literally, everything I photographed.
Cuba is, unquestionably, tangible and tactile.

Her textual qualities are seductive and enchanting.

They are exotic too, very exotic.

Havana is just one of these places that organically straddles between the spheres of exotic and erotic, through her textural attractions and temptations-color, light, and design.

She is beautiful. And she calls for a sensual approach to photograph her.

So much photography, for me, has to do with managing my eyes and heart. It’s a full-time job.

But in Cuba, I added, without blinking, the unforgettable element of touch in my work.

Again, without sounding too weird, I had to touch everything.

It was sensational. She was sensational. The camera felt sensational in my hands. The subject matter was sensational. My experience was sensational. Havana was sensational.

Touch. Go. Touch and go!



Jack Hollingsworth