The Secret of Life is…

The secret of life, drum roll please…… is that there are no secrets.

Not really.

No secrets, no hidden meanings, no camouflaged missives and messages, no invisible intelligence.

Just life, as it goes by, as each of us can see, feel and touch it.

I got to tell you, this kind of unsanctified, some might say unhallowed, reconstruction and recasting is something I feel deeply and surely about. It makes sense to me. Maybe for the very first time in my adult life?

It’s really and radically different from how I used to live life.

But here’s the truth, I’ve never been more at peace.

Many modern-day soothsayers, seers, sages, would perhaps, tell you otherwise-that life is complicated, conspiratorial, confusing and that you need their advice to survive and thrive.

Nonsense, you have what you need, right inside you, to live the life of your dreams and desires.

Just do, what humans have been doing, since the beginning of time-get up, get moving, put one foot in front of the other, breathe, be kind to strangers, act responsibily, celebrate life’s small things, love like today is your last day on earth, be grateful, complement others, show vulnerability, be truthful, eat healthy, exercise when possible, smile a lot, ride your bike, cook, touch others, shag when the urge arises, don’t be so hard on yourself, forgive others, read books, model humility and meekness, invest in only relationships that charm and enchant you, meditate, connect with Mother Earth, love your neighbors, communicate, listen more than your talk, spend time alone, dream, kiss, eat what you love, drive carefully, dance, stop being critical, dress with dignity, pick and smell flowers, listen to music, watch movies, cry, be soft and caring, laugh, take walks, hug trees if you must, travel, road trip, teach your children well, surround yourself with beautiful things, take naps, journal, make and take photographs, host dinner parties, enjoy sunrises and sunsets, take long soaker baths, disconnect from technology, sleep long and hard, make your beliefs your own, believe in yourself.

I don’t think there is a human being on earth that knows me as intimately and completely as Shannon. And I, her.

I was telling Shannon, just a few days back that, now that I’m a humanist (secularist), I don’t anymore more look for the mysteries, ambiguities, and obscurities of life. That way of thinking is simply too exhausting and, in a way, too cryptic for my taste and style. Life is life.

Shit happens, regardless of rhyme or reason, time or season.

We can rarely ever explain it. So why not just accept it and move forward. Live. Breath. Enjoy. Love. Forgive. Honor. Treasure. All the things.

I could be so fucking wrong about all this. But, in this fullness of time, I am at peace with my belief and behavior. The secret of life is…that there are no secrets.

I love you. Be human. Be yourself. Believe in yourself.

If this life is all there is… seize the day. Me to you.



Jack Hollingsworth