The Most Intimate Parts Of Me

Just 5 short years ago, I would have never predicted or imagined, that I would share publicly, and as often as I do, some of my deepest feelings and thoughts about love, life, and photography. Go figure?

It’s not that, before divorce, I was a “Closed Book”. But I certainly wasn’t an “Open Book” either. At least not publicly, like I am today.

Some like my style. Others squirm?

Somehow, someway, Divorce changed something deep in me.

And I began a metamorphism, if you will, of personal; and public honesty and intimacy.

Maybe I’m just making up for lost time and connection? I’m still exploring?

As I look back, I think photography had and has a lot to do with this intentional migration from “closed” to “open”

Photography is therapy. Photography is intimacy. Photography is autobiography.

To know photography is to know love, conversation, communication, and celebration.

There are parts of me that will, likely, forever remain, secret.

But you are seeing, even here, in living color, in photos and text, the most intimate parts of me.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for looking. And thanks for loving.

If you got this far in the post, it’s your turn now. Tell me, and everyone reading this, some personal and intimate detail of your life?

Vulnerability equals freedom.



Jack Hollingsworth