Sparks Into Flames

I would say that for many consumer photography types, even most, photography is a spark, not a flame.

A spark is a fiery particle thrown off from a fire or consistently produced by striking two hard surfaces together, such as stone or metal.

A spark comes and goes. It’s transitory. Here one minute, gone the next.

A flame is a self-sustaining spark.

The spark’s sole purpose is to start a fire.

Most take pictures, even exclusively, as they meander and move through the rituals, routines, and rhythms of life. Click.

This is awesome, but is it enough? Will this approach fulfill your deep, creative desires?

Perhaps, in photography, it’s time for more than a flicker, twinkle, and scintillation?

Sparks give you a burst of light and energy but no sustained warmth and comfort.

Photography-as-spark is a lot like human romance. A long-term, mature, sustained relationship can only be built on flames, not sparks

Sparks are particles, jots, fragments, drops, spots, iotas, glimmers, specks, traces, vestiges of flames and fire.

Want to get serious about your picture-taking and picture-making… surrender to the flame, not the spark.



Jack Hollingsworth