Silencing the Haters

Back in the early day, when I was beginning my literal obsession and fascination with iPhone photography, I use to get really irritated and peeved with all the iPhone photography haters out there.

It irked the hell out of me. How could these haters, critics, naysayers, not see what I was seeing?

Now, instead of being ruffled, I simply smile, from the heart, keep pressing the shutter, and show good work. Click.

It’s easy to make a case against information and much harder to make a case against proof-of-concept. Again, show good work.

Humility aside, I have somehow, someway, over a short 10 year period, managed to shoot more iPhone photos, than most DSLR photographers shoot, with their own dedicated cameras, in a lifetime.

Love spawns love. Hate breeds hate.

Some people out there will always hate. Shun them. Avoid the haters, embrace the lovers.

Most of the iPhone photography haters I have encountered seem to come from the ranks of traditional, more, closed-minded, pixel-peeping, DSLR snobs who have rarely and barely ever even used an iPhone. They write about and propagate against, that which they have little-to-no experience.

Brand loyalty among iPhone owners and users is at an all-time high of 92%. Meaning, once you start using, experimenting, shooting with your iPhone camera…you’re hooked for life. Click.

Since February 18, 2011, I’ve shot over 1 million iPhone photographs, on 10 different iPhone devices, in over 50 countries of the world.

Based on this decade-long transformation, even transfiguration, I have no hate, only love, for my beloved iPhone camera.

Silencing the haters doesn’t mean engaging in vitriolic discussion and debate. Seriously. Just do good work. Keep doing good-to-great work, every chance you get, with every ounce of creative energy you all, with the world’s most popular camera.




Jack Hollingsworth