Sherilyn Milch is a professional Austin model.

She’s awesome. Really. Seriously. No shit. I’m not just saying this.

Beautiful. Fun to be around. Funny as hell. Open. Loose. Free. Not full of herself. Tall. Gorgeous. Super sexy.

With this chica, what’s not to like and be photographically attracted to?

I’ve photographed her a handful of times, over the years, and I seem to always love the experience, often more than she does.

She is very much aware of the camera’s presence in our sessions together.

I feel her eyes roaming and wandering around the frame’s edges, always looking to make a connection.

She’s one of those unique people, unlike most of us, that doesn’t take many sub-par, average photographs.

Lucky her. Must in the genes?

Confident, not arrogant.

We’re going to hang out, again, soon, for round two, and see what we can add to her body of work.

When you photograph someone like Sherilyn, professionally, as a photographer, it just makes my job easier.

Often, with her, and unlike me I might add, I take on the role of a quiet observer and let her lead.

I’m following her actions. Show me, love baby, ? She always does.

She’s got a fine-tuned body, for sure.

But I find myself, as a creative portraiture, always wanting to get closer and enjoy that space from the waist up to the top of her head, including her photogenic face.

She is a damn fine human being and one hell of a person to point a camera at.



Jack Hollingsworth