Secret o’ Life

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been inspired by James Taylor, his music, and his love for Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod.

I have always felt a connection between his art and mine, as if my photography, in a tiny, minuscule way, was like his performance.

A simple and humble man, with a smooth baritone voice, singing in an unforgettable autobiographical style.
Part composer, part lyricist, part storyteller, all artists.

As I grow older, and as I embrace the craft of photography more deeply, I find that the experience becomes simpler, with an intentional focus on the things that make photography remarkable and memorable – light, color, and design.

At heart, and I make no apologies for this, my photography is traditional and straightforward.

While there are many apps, gear, techniques, and micro trends to pursue, in my niche, I find the most joy and fulfillment in photography when I’m focused on the fine art of life’s moments and memories that are simple, beautiful, lyrical, and minimal.

It’s the Secret o’ Life.

And the secret o’ photography.

I see many of my peers and contemporaries, for one reason or another, focusing their photographic attention and ambition all over the map.

That’s not me.

When I die, I want to leave a body of work that represents me as an artist, my signature style. I want to draw my own unique, distinctive line in the sand, testifying to all who care to look, that I was here.

And I hope that my work will inspire others to find their own Secret o’ Life, to discover their own passion and purpose, to express their own voice and vision. Because life is too short to waste on anything less than what makes us happy and fulfilled. That is the ultimate gift of art – to us and to the world.



Jack Hollingsworth