Reverie in Lens: A Photographic Serenade

In the realm of frozen moments and captured dreams,
I’ve danced with photography since the year ’75 it seems,
Through lens and light, a journey intertwined,
A tale of reciprocity, a love so unconfined.

This art, this craft, an anthropomorphic bond,
Where giving and receiving go far beyond,
In frames of time, we find solace and retreat,
A sanctuary where our souls may fleet.

Photography, a faithful companion, so true,
No judgments passed, no biases to accrue,
With every click, a connection is made,
A symphony of emotions, a serenade.

Like a dance under moonlit skies,
We move together, no words to advise,
Through sunsets ablaze and dawn’s first light,
Photography whispers, “Let your spirit take flight.”

No awkward silences or one-sided affair,
With each frame, a story we both declare,
The lens becomes a portal to the heart,
Where emotions flow, a surrealistic art.

The give-and-take, an enchanting dance,
As I offer my vision, she grants me a trance,
Moments frozen, a kaleidoscope of grace,
A tender embrace, a gentle space.

Through hardships faced and joys embraced,
Photography’s embrace, a warm fireplace,
She gifts me more than I could ever bestow,
Her treasures overflow, in abundance they grow.

In shadows deep and reflections clear,
Through laughter’s echo and sorrow’s tear,
Photography lends me her mystical sight,
A symphony of colors, a canvas of light.

Through fleeting time and memories dear,
We’ve weaved a tapestry, crystal clear,
The beauty she shares, immeasurable, profound,
In every click, an eternity is found.

So, here’s to photography, my cherished friend,
A bond unbreakable, one that’ll never bend,
For with each heartbeat, each breath I take,
She reciprocates, our connection awake.



Jack Hollingsworth