Photography Lives

Creativity and the art of seeing, is not something at all, as a photographer worth his or her salt, that you can randomly turn off and on.

It doesn’t work like this.

It’s either off or on… all the time.

At least, this is how it works for and with me.

This is because the artist’s way is not an action but an attitude, not something we do but something we are.

It’s a habit, not just a hobby.

Photography lives

Passion begets purpose and perception.

And passion, in my world anyway, is full-throttle on!

What about you?

The winter months, for many creatives, get the best of us.

These short days, with lower-light levels, beat down our propensity, faculty, and ability to see and take pictures.

For many, sadly, people put away their cameras and wait, anxiously, for the delights of Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Granted, during the cold, winter months, you may be limited and hampered by your subject-matter choices.

But why?

Color still is alive and well. Light is still alive and well. Design is still alive and well.

Photography lives.

As a matter of fact, all, these… colors, lights, and designs… are subject-agnostic.

These raw, beautiful, alive elements of nature, surround us and beckon us to their sides, yes, even in the dread and dead of winter.

Photography lives

As a photographer, in winter, when I find subjects, scenes, and scenarios, that are not only subject-scene-scenario-agnostic but weather-agnostic too, I delight in them all the more. Click.

Photography lives in every glance and gaze of life.

Photography lives in every shadow and in every brightness, on cold days and warm days, when the sun is shining and when the clouds hide and diffuse the sun’s radiance.

Photography lives in every season, in every hour, and in every fullness of time.

Photography lives in every crack, crease, and crevice of life itself.

I don’t expect many to understand this, as I barely understand it myself, but in the winter months of the year, photographically, I’m attracted to a different type of personality aura and karma, that I am in warm weather. Go figure. Click.

In the winter, I tend to be photographically attracted to people, as subjects of affection, that I might ignore or pass by in warm weather.

Love the one you’re with. Love the thing you’re with. Just love. Just shoot.

Because photography lives… you live!



Jack Hollingsworth