Photography for Life

Ever since putting the first camera in my hands back in 1975, in some shape or form, I always dreamed of being a photographer.

The heartfelt goal and drive was not so much owning and operating a photographic business, as I successfully did, several times over, even in different parts of the world, but living a photographic life.

Living a photographic life was always the drive, determination, resolve.

I wanted not just to capture life through my lens but experience life.

When you become a professional photographer, like many others here would chime in and attest to, you shoot way more for client briefs than personal projects: more science than art, more photographic business than photographic life.

Good or bad, like it or not, you end up shooting for the wallet and not the wall. It’s inevitable.

I remember the day, so clearly and vividly, back in February 2011, when I took my first iPhone photo.

It was truly love at first sight and a blissful, unforgettable “aha! moment” for me.

The simple but powerful first experience felt like I was returning to my beginning roots of living a photographic life. Something felt eerily familiar and intimate.

After all, as I quickly discovered, having an iPhone camera by my side and in my hand, 24/7 and 365, was the equivalent of having a fully-stocked retail camera store, a tricked-out darkroom, and my own branded publishing company. Click.

It was glorious design within reach. I could finally live a photographic life, and not just the stuff of dreams and whispers but the stuff of life, in the moment.

Click again,


Jack Hollingsworth