Peace and Quiet

For the past couple of months, I’ve been in a heads-down, deeply focused, quiet stage and phase.

It’s been great. I seem to be in my work and labor zone- firing on all cylinders. It feels right, normal, and comfortable.

Got lots going on, of course. But, instead of processing everything out loud, often in real-time, for the world to see -like I so often do- I decided instead to just internalize my thoughts and feelings and own them in quietness. Ah, peace and quiet.

Sometimes I just feel like I would be happiest stashed and stowed away, in a cottage by the sea…writing, editing, dreaming, someday perhaps.

Mostly because of Covid and its wretched Delta variant, plus the fires out West and poor visibility for photography, I postponed my National Parks adventure to spring 2022. It was a significant suspension and freed up a whole bunch of much-needed and sought-after… calendar time

For the next couple of months, with only a few short exceptions, I plan to be feverishly finishing up 2 new online courses, for iPhone photographers, and hoping to roll out both by end of September.

If I manage to meet this deadline, as planned, I’ll be spending October on Cape Cod (Cranberry Harvest Season), visiting my dad and family, plus working on a 3rd course, perhaps my most powerful course content of all, and beginning to write a new eBook.

I might also sneak in a quick side-trip to NYC.

The family, all in Austin, is safe and sound, thankfully. Uber-talented and gifted, Shannon, started a new job with Workday and loves the experience so far. Emma and Tom are moving into their first shared space, in September. Both are elementary-school teachers and love what they do too. And artist Audrey is exploring school and work options for the fall. Our third, adopted daughter, Isabelle, has delightfully been with us all summer long. The summer has been great for the H’s. We are connected.

As you might expect, my iPhone camera is never far away. I’ve been shooting like crazy of late, just not sharing at the same frenetic speed and pace.

I’ll catch up one of these days, maybe. Maybe not.

I’m having an absolute blast converting my small, 2-story, artist loft into a working, practical, shooting, photo-studio.

Goodbye bachelor pad and entertainment. Hello, work-live and education. Back to work, much to do. I want now, through 2022, to be the year of content!

My Dad and Dotty are both great, for those asking. My brother Ken is in Ireland playing golf and leading a golf tour. So he says. Lucky bastard.

My sister, Pam, is always and ever her beautiful, soulful self. She helps keep us all anchored and communicating.

Hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Be careful out there. It’s crazy. Love you.



Jack Hollingsworth