Our Photographs Are More Than Just Images.

When we take pictures, casual or intentional, snapshots or photographs, with phone cameras or standalone cameras, what we are doing is, in fact, reflecting and representing our uniqueness as human beings No one can see, through a lens, exactly like us. No one can feel like us. No one can express themselves, creatively, just like us. We are wonderfully, scientifically, and magically unique.

The photographs we take, while seemingly simple and straightforward, are actually complex and complicated reflections of who we are, what we believe, what we honor and cherish, what is important to us, what makes us happy and what makes us sad, what are sensibilities and sensitivities are, what we love and are attracted to.

Our photographs symbolize and epitomize, in a grande, cosmic sort of way, our entire life experiences-the books we have read, the movies we have watched, the clothes we have bought and proudly worn, the food we have cooked and eaten, the music we have listen to, the gardens we have tilled, the sheets we have shared and stained, the kisses we have failed to forget, the heartaches we have endured, the houses we have lived in, the children we have raised, the friends we have experiences life with, the neighborhood we have benefited from, the teams we have joined, the gifts we have given and received, the goals and accomplishments we have delighted in, the business we have owned and operated, the destinations we have traveled to, the kitchen-table talks we have remembered, the museums we have visited, the music and concerts we have taken pleasure in, the list goes on
Our photographs are more than just images. They are stories, memories, emotions, and expressions of our unique selves. They capture moments that matter to us, that shape us, that inspire us. They reveal our personalities, our passions, our preferences, and our perspectives. They show how we see the world and how we want the world to see us.

Our photographs are also invitations to connect with others who share our interests, our values, our dreams, and our challenges. They are bridges that span across time, space, and culture. They are tools that help us communicate, educate, entertain, and influence. They are gifts that we give to ourselves and to those we love.

Our photographs are not just snapshots. They are reflections of our souls. They are representations of our lives. They are celebrations of our uniqueness.



Jack Hollingsworth