Old School Glass Filters by an old-school photographer with an old-school sense of color and style

Long before Digital and the invention of Photoshop, way back in the Analog days, the only practical way to modify the color of a photograph was to slap a glass filter on top of the camera lens and viola.

Once Digital arrived, glass filters, of a color nature anyway, for the most part, almost disappeared, in favor of Presets, Actions, and Filtersof a digital style.

For these simple shots, on Cape Cod, yesterday, I went old school and put a glass filter on top of my iPhone lenses, to see what you are seeing here.

These are straight out of the camera with no editing applied.


The 2 filters I use, both in the 67mm glass, threaded variety, were (1) Orange and (2) Pink (FLD)

These types of filters, which exaggerate the color, seem to work best in dawn and dusk light, or sunrise and sunset.

I attached these filters to my iPhone 14 Pro Max using the Pan’s Scheme filter adapter. (Chinese manufacturer)
I’m still old-school and love old-school color in photography.




Jack Hollingsworth