Milestones. Memories. Momentos.

Life is full to the brim of markers and milestones that develop, describe, and define each of us.

With every breath, every step, every twist, and turn, along the journey, we leave our mark, on life and planet earth.

We are, in fact, and without question, the sum total of our experiences-good, bad and ugly.

We are, who we are, because of every choice we have made, the family we were born to, gifts of nature we were given, people we loved and fought with, achievements we earned and were gifted, emotions we experienced, books we read, movies we watched, paths we have traversed, love we have flirted with, the food we have eaten, houses we have built, families we have created, friends we have made, experiences we have celebrated.

So what are those determining and clarifying recollections and commemorations?

Early childhood memories. First kiss. Graduation. Passing an exam. Family reunions. Summer vacations. Get your driver’s license. Your family pets. First job. Awards. Favorite hobby. Career accomplishments. Clubs and organizations you belonged to. An unforgettable meal. Friends. A favorite nature spot. First intimacy. Getting picked last. A bad hair day. A road trip. First orgasm. Time alone. Travel abroad. Addictions. First failure. Relationships that didn’t work out. Affairs. Beliefs. Commitments. First house. A good cry. A belly laugh. First apartment. Body-shaming experiences. First party. Birth. Death. Perfect outfit. Sporting achievements. Parental approval. World affairs. First sleepover. Dismissal from work. Personal injury. Health. Marital separation. Family feuds. Disappointments. Siblings. Memorable concerts. Money shortfalls.

Just making this list makes me want to howl like a wolf. I feel so very alive and abounding.

Milestones. Memories. Momentos.

Most of these reminders and remembrances, pleasant and painful, live only in our brains.

And our brains, I might add, are experts at glorifying the good and downplaying the bad. So be it.

Some of these emotional memorandums and souvenirs, make it to physical form, in the way of mementos-a keepsake object or item that serves to remind us of our past experiences.

These keepsakes, as you expect, are priceless and precious.

What tactical, physical objects and treasures sum up your life?

Not at all to sound morose or morbid, but if I were on my death bed, and surrounded by the physical relics and vestiges of my own life, live and laughter, on earth, beside the obvious, of being encircled and encompassed by Shannon and the girls, I would want to be near my photographs.

Photographs matter, because they are matter. Everything in the universe is made up of matter and energy. The matter is anything that occupies mass and space. My photographs, physically and emotionally, occupy both- in time and space and in my heart of hearts.

How gloriously fortunate I am to be photographically swallowed up in these milestones, memories, “momentos”.

Thank you life. Thank you photography. I love you.



Jack Hollingsworth