Lost and Found

So many of my own photographs, as would be the photographs of countless other smartphone photographers, might be more affectionately referred to as “Found Photography”?

In this pure sense, I am taking, not making the photograph.

This content, and these assets, exists in time and space. I am giving them new import, intention, implication. I am giving them a new home.

In other words, Found Photography is not setting things up to shoot but, serendipitously and spontaneously, discovering subjects, scenes, and scenarios, usually anonymous, nor intended as fine-art objects, and giving them fresh, aesthetic meaning and messages, through the eye of a camera.

OMG. Seriously, OMG!

What a sheer honor, privilege, and opportunity. I get to constantly pluck, often out of obscurity, things I find beautiful, lyrical, poetic, and give these things significance, even at times, magnificence.

I honestly and sincerely believe that this is why, so often, I feel so full.

Through my camera and artist eye, I bring order to chaos, attention to the ignored, appreciation to the overlooked, and meaning to the meaningless.

In the grand scheme of things, I make lost things found.



Jack Hollingsworth